BitCraft is a massively-multiplayer community sandbox game where players work together to build a new civilization in a single, editable wilderness with an ancient past. BitCraft’s gameplay emphasizes skilling, building, crafting, farming, trading, and exploring, empowering players to cultivate a sheltered village with their friends or establish impressive cities and empires.
What is BitCraft?
BitCraft is an upcoming MMORPG that takes place in a procedurally generated sandbox world with a deep skills system and a focus on crafting, economics, cultivating, and city building.
What can I do in the game?
BitCraft is a sandbox game, not only in the sense of an open world, but also in its freeform character progression. Players are not forced to choose a fixed profession or skillset and instead progress their character by practicing whichever skills they like. In addition to practicing crafting, building, farming, and many other skills, players can also become active in their society and contribute to the growth of infrastructure, cities, and empires.
When will BitCraft be released?
A release date has not yet been announced. Follow us on Discord and social media for news and updates.
How can I become pre-alpha tester?
You can sign up to be selected here! Filling out the survey will improve your chances of being selected. We'll be providing updates via email and Discord.
How can I get updates on the pre-alpha?
Join our Discord or sign up here for regular updates on the pre-alpha and future game releases!
Is there a story in BitCraft?

In BitCraft, you'll awaken as a mystical being in the midst of an untamed wilderness. While you'll at first struggle to survive, you can eventually work together with other players to build an entirely new civilization up out of the wild. As you construct buildings and explore new areas, the world of BitCraft will reveal a deep and ancient past. Yours is not the first civilization to build here. The ancient ruins, artifacts, and mysterious travelers you'll encounter hidden away across the landscape hint at a fading power and history ready to be rediscovered.

Who is developing BitCraft?
Clockwork Labs, an independent video games developer founded by industry professionals with expertise in distributed systems. The team represents a healthy mix of games industry veterans and fresh talent. We're also hiring! Find out more information at
Can I join the dev team?
Possibly! If your skill set matches what we're looking for and you're dedicated to the game concept! More info here.

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