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The Hex Currency

The BitCraft economy runs on the Hex currency. It’s the trading currency of the BitCraft world, and a measure of your skill. Earn it by hunting for the raw Hexite crystals, by crafting and selling valuable equipment or simply by understanding and playing the markets!

Your Land

You’ll spawn in a town when you join the BitCraft world. You can buy land and personalize it! Build it up and shape it to your liking. Construct high level buildings to craft valuable items. Show that your settlement is the best in the nation!


Explore the wilderness outside of your town. Be the first to find the hidden treasures of this world. Hunt for rare materials to improve your settlement or sell them on the open market. Find deposits of the mystical Hexite crystal and mine them to mint valuable Hex coins!

Becoming a Leader

Your town needs leadership and structure. Play the politics and climb the ladder to the top! Become the mayor of your town, reward your friends and punish your enemies. Rally your citizens to build the best town center, and compete to be the most powerful leader in the nation!

Get an exclusive look at the BitCraft world! Trade with players, complete quests and build successful cities to increase your wealth and influence!

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