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BitCraft is the first large scale Survival Crafting MMORPG.
Work with thousands of other players to rebuild civilization in a single, massive, unsharded world. Watch the Alpha Announcement Trailer for a glimpse of what BitCraft has to offer.

Build Towns

Establish small
villages to large

Establish Small Villages To
Large Empires

Forget the static worlds of traditional MMORPGs, you get to build your own towns in BitCraft! Build up your settlement from a small village into a global economic hub of trade! Build a mountain fortress or an outpost on the furthest reaches of civilization for weary travelers.

A Unified World

Become a Legend

Affect The World Permanently

Unlike games with separate player-hosted sandbox servers, BitCraft takes place in a single massive procedurally generated world. Hone the skills you're interested in like farming, fishing, mining, or foresting! Become a master of your craft and make your name known throughout the land.

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The Wilderness

Explore To Learn
More About The

Learn More About The World

Explore the wilderness outside of your town. Find wildlife and mysterious travelers carrying out their business! Hunt for rare materials to improve your settlement or sell them on the open market. Find deposits of the mystical Hexite crystal and ancient ruins full of lost technology!

Become A Leader

Lay The

Lay The Groundwork

The world needs leadership and structure. Forge alliances and climb the ladder to the top! Become the sovereign of your town, reward your friends and punish your rivals. Rally your citizens to build the most advanced town, and compete to make it the capital city of your empire!

Watch The Announcement Trailer

Official Announcement

BitCraft is a sandbox MMORPG which encourages many different play styles ranging from farming, hunting, and crafting to city-building and social strategy, rather than emphasizing combat alone. The game incorporates elements of sub-genres such as survival games, sandbox games, role-playing games, city builders, and strategy games.

The game takes place in a single, massive, editable sandbox world for all players to interact with and to permanently change. Players awaken as a mystical being in the middle of the wilderness and will need to build shelter to survive. BitCraft has a skill system which lets players master their skills as they practice them. All characters begin as a blank slate and players build up experience in the aspects of the game they like to spend time with.

BitCraft goes beyond exploring, crafting, trading, farming and skilling though. Players can choose to work together to tame the wilderness and create impressive towns and cities anywhere in the world. They can even unite cities to build empires across continents and oceans. At these levels BitCraft becomes a deeply social and strategic game.

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