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Alpha Registration
19 MAR 19 - 30 JUL 19
30 JUL 19 - 24 NOV 19
Alpha Release!
24 NOV 19 - 22 FEB 20

About the BitCraft Alpha

What is the BitCraft Alpha?

It's a chance for players to test out the new game! Please note the game will be unstable during this period and your data may not be transfered over into the Beta, but players will receive rewards based on their participation!

I'm from ______, can I participate in the Alpha?

The Alpha will only be available in select countries, but we will do our best to accomodate as many players as possible. More info will be available closer to release.

What do I get for participating in the Alpha?

You get to be one of the first people to experience the BitCraft world! You'll be a founding member of the BitCraft community and will help shape the game as it evolves over time!

Will my progress be transfered over to the Beta program?

Please understand that the Alpha game is unstable. This means we may need to wipe the database and your progress during the Alpha. We will do our best to avoid a database wipe between the Alpha and Beta, but it may be unavoidable, so we cannot guarantee it.

Why are there only 500 spots available?

We are keeping the Alpha deliberately small because BitCraft relies heavily on social gameplay interaction. We want to make sure the interaction is seamless and balanced before we scale up the game.

I received an email that says I'm waitlisted, what does that mean?

Because we only have 500 spots we won't be able to allow everyone into the Alpha, but if players do not participate then we will take players off of the waitlist. We may also expand the Alpha beyond 500 players if it is going smoothly, so stay tuned!

When/how can I download the game?

We will be launching the Alpha later this year as shown in the timeline. More information on installation will be available closer to the Alpha release.

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